Details of Organisational set up, Functions and Duties of the Authority:

Anekal planning authority constituted vide government notification no. UDD/31/BMR/2006, Dated:19.07.2006. The Anekal planning authority is functioning in Anekal and is situated at, No. 430, “Anna” Building, Hennagara Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru-560 099.

Organizational Structure of Anekal Planning Authority


TheAnekal planning authority is a statutary body having perpetual succession with a chairman and members appointed by the state government

The important functions of the Planning Authority comprise of:

    • To prepare master plan or revise master plan and enforce the plan proposals with local planning area.
    • Furnishing technical opinion to revenue department for conversion of agricultural lands for non-agricultural purpose.
    • Preparation of layouts(residential, commercial, industrial)

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